Family History.


I'm of Ulster Scots descent. A relative in The Argentine - Martin McAllister - compiled a family tree after long years of effort

My direct family has had a farm at Donabate North Co Dublin since 1802.

My Grandfather Patrick had a newsagent's  in Dorset Street.

            1692          Glencoe Massacre

Two of my ancestors John & Charles were oglaigh to The MacDonald.

 Oglaigh are mercenaries or soldiers for hire. In our case Mac Alastair is a subset of Clan Donald so they were working for relatives.

They fled to Belfast. Our family motto is Per Mare Per Terram - by land and sea - the same as Clan Donald

1798  United Irishmen Rebellion

Some of my ancestors were involved in the bid for independance from England in the rebellion of 1798. Two brothers fled Belfast and settled in North Co Dublin. They were Presbyteran but my ancestor changed faith when he married a local Catholic. His brother remained Presbyteran and his descendants live in the Swords area.

Mine have held the farm at Donabate since 1802

1916 Rebellion

During the 1916 Rebellion the GAA had men with hurling sticks outside my Grandfathers shop to stop looters from breaking in

WW2 & My Parents

My parents met in London after the war. They had survived the blitz. My father worked in Wapping painting camoflage on War Ships in the pool of London. My mother was a fire watcher after her work and used to be on the roof top of Derry & Toms in Kensington High Street. She was decorated for services rendered by The King.

Shortly after I was born my family returned to Ireland to Co Kldare